Pumps Automation

Over 25 years of experience in the foundry industry;  
Pomac Automation has become the standard in foundry automation.

Since 1986 Pomac Automation has produced and engineered automation solutions for:

Metaldosing systems
Die Sprayer
Robotic solutions
Cooling systems
Manifold cleaning
Cell integration

in 1999 Pomac Automation has become a system integrator for ABB robotics form Sweden. 
ABB Foundry robots used for:

Casting extracting and placing of inserts 
Flexible die spraying
Metaldosing for coquile and sand casting machines
Machine tending of CNC machines

Since 2007 Comau robotics from Italy has become a second brand in robot integration for Pomac Automation.
Comau is produced in Italy and belongs to the Fiat Group.

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